Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Depot Cook

Mayme Seidl Peters was the cook at the CNW Depot in Sleepy Eye, MN around 1916.  As seen in this picture below, she is sweeping the back entrance to the Depot (which at the present time now appears to be facing the front of the Depot on Oak Street ,though this doorway is closed to the public for viewing.)   

On the second photo we see Mayme talking to a local friend who is unidentified, but is standing at the “Women’s Entrance” where during 1916, women and family would enter the Depot through this door only.  Today the “Women’s Entrance” is  used as the Depot’s Main Entrance of the Museum.  The Public has full access to this Door and Entrance.  However, back in the day, the Main Entrance for the Women would have been considered the backend of the Depot as it is used today.

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