Monday, March 14, 2011

The Windsor Hotel

The Windsor Hotel, North Fifth, was a busy place when this picture was taken in 1901.  It occupied the site of Berdan Plumbing.  The boys sitting on the sidewalk from left to right are: Stub Schmelz, August Schwieger, a Casserly boy, Ralph Reed, Rave Webber, and Harry Anderson.  There are only a few known among the men.  From left to right are: Max Drusch and Sy Conrad: sixth from the left was Hands Handson and number 11 was Martin Casperson.  Those on the balcony from left to right were Mrs. Wheeler and son.  Next is Lena Schavesdick, now Mrs. Fred Krambeer, living on a farm southeast of town.  Next is Mrs. Ole Sundt, Mrs. Frank Koehere, next unknown, Mrs. Emil Krueger, Theresa Schavesdick, now Mrs. William Walters and the other lady unknown.

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  1. What an interesting blog, introduced by a thought-provoking photo. The unusual wall painting of the dwellings is also a strangely modern interpretation. Something like this hieroglyphic view of a park by Swiss painter Paul Klee,
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