Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Pitch Camp Where Indians Would

How to Pitch Camp
     Where Indians Would 

*Look for high ground if theres any around. Stay out of gulleys and valleys. Look for a place to settle down for the night while its still light enough to check around.

* Get in a clearing. Tall grass and heavy brush too close can be a breeding place for bugs and insects in the wet season, a fire hazard in the dry season.

* Where to do your cooking: During the daytime, winds usually blow off a lake and move toward higher ground. At night, winds usually move toward water.

*If the weathers cool, pitch your camper so that its catch the last possible rays of the dying sun. And close the flaps at this time to trap all the heat you can inside for the night ahead.

*Also, consider where the morning sun will hit- if you can put your camper in it, itll help dispel the dew, eliminate morning dampness and dry the canvas.      

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