Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sleepy Eye

Sleepy Eye In 1890

1. Home of Attorney L. G. Davis
2. Episcopal Church
3. Empty at the moment - 110 Main St. E
4. Known as the Lake House; owned by Chris Emmerich, father of Mrs. Welcome
5. A small building used as a Barber Shop
6. Known as the White Hotel
7. First National Bank now
8. Known as the Schwieger Butcher Shop now Creative Hair Design
9. Formerly Mrs. Feierer home on Walnut Street
10. The Jailhouse
11. The Wagon Shop
12. Liesenfeld's Livery Barn
13. The Mill Elevator
14. The Original Mill - Called the Roller Mill
15. Was the home of Mr. Callanan, grandfather of John Callanan
16. Home of Gus Remmele, now remodeled and occupied by Art Schmidt
17. Office of the  John Hanson Lumber company, later became the Lampert Lumber company.  The   building was moved to the north of the old Smally hotel on North Fifth and is now used as a machine shop by the Harris Manufacturing company.
18.  Was a Gieseke home
19.  The Hanson lumber shed
20.  Home of Ole Johnson
21.  Was a Dombrowski home, now replaced by a modern new home.
22.  Was the Barr and Fenske store, then the Scharckel's store
23. Was the Koehne Liquor Store, the the Guldager Food Store
24.  Was the Bertrand Leather Goods Store

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