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Palmyre Greenhouse

Palmyre Greenhouse

Andrew Louis Glatigny was born in Paris, France, May 9, 1844 to Andrew and Louise Palmyre Glatigny.  Details gleaned from newspapers are confusing.  He was one of a number of French who came to Sleepy Eye.  Andrew came to U.S. 1854 and to Brown County - 1862 after Uprising was quelled.  He farmed and was said to have one near neighbor, French Cap.    

Mrs. George Carroll was a Glatigny.  After Mrs. Glatigny's death Andrew married Emily Beliveau on Nov. 9, 1880.  They had a daughter, Clemence.  Glatigny built a house in 1899 on southwest corner of Linden and Second Avenue West - a total size of six lots.  Added greenhouse in 1900.  Tripled Green House in 1901.  Property extended full block over to dirt road which became Highway Four.  A grove was at the west end.  Matthias Hillesheim farm was to the west side of road.  The Glatigny Family were members of All Souls Episcopal Church.  Clemence married Oscar Werring, a dentist.  They had a daughter,  Palmyre.  Oscar died young of TB, as did several of his friends.  Clemence and her child then went to California and became involved with Christian Science.

Andrew sold Palmyre Greenhouse in1917 to Anton Heymans.  Four lots to the west of the home were sold to make space for more homes.  The barn was moved to an empty lot west and remolded by William Schwartz.

Census 1880 - Michel Glatigny age 69, farmer, wife Palmyre age 68.  They evidently are parents of men above.  Children are listed as Andrew 34, farmer, August 33, farmer.  Also in household: Emily, daughter-in-law to Michal, and Helen granddaughter.  Figures do not all jibe with those above.  Also on farm were Andy Lautz, 21, laborer.

History of Glatigny Family:
Adele Lucille Glatigny - Age 21 - Died of Consumption Jan 15 - 1906
Palmyre Glatigny - Age 9 - Died of a brain tumor - April 13 - 1905

L. August  Glatigny -Age 72 - Died of heart trouble - Oct 21 - 1916

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